My Chinese Ink Painting Day

These made me happy. By being alone and do my own thing keeps me calm. This year is my self-development year. My art grows together with Alice. Hopefully she will expand her creativity in her way with a good influence from us.

Wish you all a great evening. Greetings from Amsterdam.

Thank you for being around in my life. It’s a destiny that we met, talked or learned about each other.

Ping_He_Inkpaint Monday2.jpg
Ping_He_InkpaintingMonday 3
PIng_He_Inkpainting_Monday 4.jpg
Ping_He_InkpaintingMonday 5.jpg
Ping_He_InkpaintingMonday 5.jpg

I do sometimes organize Chinese Ink Painting workshops in Amsterdam. See below is the one we did last year in my old studio.

Ping _He_WORKSHOPS.jpg