What is love?

Mom what is love?

What? Why? Suddenly Alice asked this morning? We all have been in love or love someone or something in our life. But how to explain to a 3 years old, I pounded and here is my answer

Love is a big word. Love means a lot to many people.
Love means forgiveness; if someone hurts you, you still give them a hug when they are hurting;

Love means caring; you will not mind sleep less getting up early to prepare the best breakfast you can for the family;

Love means you are unselfish; you give, you share and you accept others;

Love just like sun shines light in the dark room; like the water for the thirsty plants; like the hug mom gives to a crying baby;

Love is everything and everywhere. When you love someone or something in your life, you will feel having a butterfly in your stomach and you are happy;

Love brings people together, love means more than kisses, love is the best gift.

Alice found love of her life. She loves to draw. She wants to sell her art today and go to New York with me next year to sell our work.


xx PIng

Ping_He_Alice ink 1.jpg
ping_he_alice Inkpaint 2.jpg
PIng_He_Alice inkpaint 3.jpg
Ping_He-Alice Inkpaint 4.jpg
Ping_He_inkpaint 4.jpg