Every Artist needs a sketch book


    Hello world, it is very scary, I put myself out here to write my first ever blog post here. Nowadays every artist uses Instagram to show their work. Why the blog?

   Simple reason: It is my visual journal to record what inspires, motivates and gets me going as an artist.

    It is not anything new to have a sketch book as an artist. Actually many of us have bought and used many sketch books. But does any one of us keep up doing sketches daily? I wish I could do more. By having this blog post job, I wish to motivate myself and others who will now make time to draw and doodle.

    I am not going to make a long story each time. But just show up and keep it simple with my drawings or pictures which related to the world of art, design and illustration.

    Simple rules for myself to keep on going:

  • Show up, I can not promise that I will write each single day, but I will try to write each week.
  • Keep it interesting. I will show up my own pictures and illustrations. These are all copyright protected. Please respect me as an artist. Do not use my images without my written permission.